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Research and marketing of intermediates and active ingredients.

Pharmaceutical Workshop

CSV Active

CSV Active was established with the purpose of complementing the range of services offered in the Life Science sector. It positions itself as a reliable and competent partner for the research and marketing of intermediates and active ingredients tailored to meet its customers’ demands It primarily operates in the Middle and Far East, boasting an extensive network of contacts with highly efficient and qualified suppliers.

The aim is to present itself as a dynamic and professional company that liaises both with customers and suppliers. In January 2019, it obtained the GMP certification from AIFA for the import and distribution of Active Substances, thus becoming a Pharmaceutical Workshop.

The products currently available in CSV’s catalog include:

  1. Omega 3,
  2. Tiopronin
  3. Azithromycin
  4. Fluconazole
  5. Camphor


CSV Active

The company provides a comprehensive side-by-side service for the strategic sourcing of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and fine chemicals, in compliance with its cGMP quality system, which is regularly subjected to audits by regulatory authorities. The company manages the entire supply chain, from research and scouting to transportation and storage.

Since 2019, a new quality unit office has been introduced, mandatory for interactions with AIFA.

CSV Active

Sourcing e trading

This is a more commercial activity focused on the research and marketing of intermediates and active ingredients.
It involves identifying potential producers and customers, handling commercial aspects such as quotations, orders, and the like.

  • Product Research
  • Cost Optimization* Identifying new potential sources for key intermediates and APIs that fully meet technical and regulatory requirements.
  • Supplier Selection: Based on both price and quality criteria.

CSV Active


CSV Active ensures the transportation and potential storage of products under conditions that maintain their quality throughout the entire process, up until delivery to the client.
Thus, adherence to GDP, or Good Distribution Practices, is imperative.

  • Transportation: This is meticulously chosen to guarantee specific conditions, such as when refrigerated or controlled conditions are required.
  • Timeliness and Delivery Schedules: Imports can experience delays. With an aim to reduce and mitigate risks, CSV Active has considered creating a safety stock in its warehouse.
  • AIFA Authorized Warehouse: This allows for product storage to consistently meet client demands and needs. This third-party service is provided by a partner who holds an AIFA authorization and adheres to all GMP regulations, ensuring proper storage and maintaining the required temperature conditions.

CSV Active

Quality Unit

This office was established and became necessary following the AIFA authorization for importing active ingredients. At CSV Active, we can proudly highlight:

  • Quality Assurance: This role is responsible for the entire quality management system within the Pharmaceutical Workshop.
  • QP, Qualified Person: This individual certifies batch releases and is a key reference figure who has the responsibility of ensuring the supply chain’s integrity and the producer’s qualifications.

At CSV Active, audits are also conducted at Production Sites:

  • Verification of the condition of facilities and equipment.
  • Verification of the facility’s compliance with the described process.
  • Audits of laboratories (quantity and type of instrumentation, analytical methods, etc.).
  • Process validation.

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