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CSV Containment

Solutions for containment of exposed operations and in aseptic transfers.

Protection and safety

CSV Containment

20 years of experience in process definition have endowed our team with strong expertise in the design, construction, and integration of containment systems for high-potency APIs.

Our solutions, entirely manufactured in our Italian facilities, can meet the most demanding requirements thanks to a deep understanding of the processes to be contained.

The company offers both rigid and flexible containment solutions, continuous liners, and other containment devices.


CSV Containment

CSV Containment offers comprehensive services for the entire containment world, from CGMP and ATEX design to the definition of containment strategy; from establishing exposure control procedures to equipment production, and even addressing the final validation phase with SMEPAC tests.

The provision of containment systems encompasses both rigid and flexible technology for containing toxic products (High Potent Compound) in various production stages.
Additionally, it offers services to determine the risk associated with the use of toxic products (High Potent Compound) and thus the most appropriate method to contain process operations.

CSV Containment


To surpass and improve the traditional Bag In Bag Out procedure, used worldwide for coupling drums in isolation technology applications, CSV Containment has designed and implemented the Double Iris Interface (DIT®) system, an innovative device for the movement, containment, and automation of drums.

  • Patented Technology
  • Coupling system for drums of multiple diameters
  • European Commission’s Seal of Excellence


Representing more permanent solutions for customers’ containment needs, our rigid isolators are custom-made according to the specific operation to be carried out, be it sampling, dispensing, equipment loading, or unloading.

  • Materials:
    > Stainless steel 304/316/316L
    > Hastelloy C-22
    > Polycarbonate
  • Final validation and testing phase, with leak tests and SMEPAC.

CSV Containment

Glove Bags

In our production facility, classified as ISO 7/8, we manufacture flexible isolators in accordance with GMP requirements and specific customer needs to confine all exposed operations..

  • Ultra-clear antistatic LDPE film
  • Standard gloves or in LDPE, heat-sealed and integrated
  • DN350 sleeve with zipper
  • Bag out via continuous liner
  • Tabletop and mobile versions

Liner & Special Devices

In our facility, we produce devices accompanying all isolation technology.

  • Continuous liners: high-end packaging systems to contain active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other potentially harmful substances. Available in various sizes, colors, and thicknesses, they are made of antistatic LDPE film.
  • Twin tie®: A separation tool for securely closing continuous liners. Suitable for all continuous liner diameters, they achieve a containment level of OEB 5.
  • Iris Mouse hole: A solution for product-contactless transfer and for the passage of circular-shaped devices between two cleanrooms. Made of elastomer, available in EPDM, NBR, SILICONE, or FKM.

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