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"Turnkey" engineering solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

engineering solutions "Turnkey"

CSV Construction

CSV Construction is the ideal partner to support clients during the construction phases for the realization of cleanrooms, HVAC systems, mechanical and electrical installations, pharmaceutical civil finishes, starting from the design phase, through the management of various construction phases, up to commissioning and IQ/OQ activities.
It primarily serves the pharmaceutical and chemical pharmaceutical industry but also medical device and nutraceutical sectors.

CSV Construction can implement all the systems necessary to make a cleanroom operational. Their strength lies in HVAC systems, including any central units for generating related utilities. They also create air-conditioning systems for pharmaceutical warehouses (raw materials and finished products), for chemical and biological laboratories, and for dispensing and sampling rooms where they also supply down-cross booths.


CSV Construction

With the aim of providing a turnkey service, Construction management and work supervision handle all functions related to site management for the construction of facilities in the Life Science field. These functions range from coordinating on-site activities, ensuring safety, guaranteeing the quality of the execution, checking costs and the work schedule, managing the administrative and contractual activities, to integrating commissioning and validation activities.

CSV construction

Coordination of On-Site Activities

The role of the Construction Manager is pivotal in ensuring that various phases of construction align temporally and qualitatively with the pre-defined project plan.

For large-scale installations, the Construction Manager might be supported by specialized supervisors. Each supervisor, pertaining to their expertise, performs verification tasks and subsequently reports to the Construction Manager.

Safety management and assurance

One of the paramount aspects that can cause delays during the construction phase relates to Health and Safety. By having a dedicated supervisor in place, there can be constant monitoring and enforcement of preventative measures to minimize risks.

Safety considerations are perpetually monitored in line with the Safety Plan, which is communicated and illustrated to all the different companies present on the construction site.

CSV construction

Verification of Construction Quality
and Progress

The key activities here are to ensure that the construction works comply with the produced engineering documentation.
Checking the progress of work is crucial to anticipate potential delays, as it involves assessing the physical advancement of construction activities in comparison to the entire project’s schedule.

If a delay is identified, corrective action is immediately initiated.

Change management

During the construction phase, it might become necessary to introduce changes to the original project, leading to requests from contractors.

A robust system for managing change requests (i.e., evaluating the appropriateness of the request and its valuation) is essential during the construction phases. This system is put in place to prevent a massive increase in costs, ensuring that any changes made are necessary, justified, and within a reasonable budget.

CSV construction

Integration with commissioning and validation activities.

Technical documentation from suppliers is diligently collected and archived, with the objective of creating a comprehensive Mechanical Catalog for the construction site.

This documentation pertains to tests conducted on-site during the Construction, pre-Commissioning, and Commissioning phases. These tests are thoroughly documented in a standardized format, ensuring they serve as a robust foundation for drafting and executing IQ/OQ protocols (Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification).

È necessario prevedere procedure e coordinamento fra i vari appaltatori in questa fase.

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