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Design, Construction, and Validation in the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Sector

Dedicated solutions for the chemical-pharmaceutical sector

Pharma Hub

Drawing from the group’s years of expertise across various domains, such as Validation, Engineering, Chemistry, Maintenance, and deep familiarity with Good Manufacturing Practices, Pharma Hub delivers tailor-made systems for process plants in the pharmaceutical market.

competenze specifiche volte a soddisfare tutte le esigenze del cliente, tenendo conto di molte variabili tra cui il tipo di prodotto da produrre e la possibilità di sanificare o sterilizzare le apparecchiature.

For this reason, Pharma Hub is committed to the detailed design and construction of the entire facility. From utilities supporting the plant to piping related to the raw material filling lines, from requirements associated with mixing reactors to the transfer of the finished product, Pharma Hub covers it all, ensuring precision and compliance every step of the way..


Pharma Hub

Right from the design of workspaces, Pharma Hub delivers specialized solutions, incorporating all necessary measures to facilitate operator tasks. This enables efficient interventions and inspections of the entire process, for instance, through mezzanine structures.

The keen attention to detail, which has always been a cornerstone of CSV Group and Pharma Hub’s philosophy, ensures that, depending on the product characteristics being handled, the supplied equipment comes with varied technologies.

Pharma hub


Pharma Hub is a trusted supplier of a wide range of standard and custom equipment for the preparation of pharmaceutical products through precise process design, such as:

  • Mixers (stationary and mobile)
  • Solution preparation skids
  • Transfer and filtration lines
  • CIP/SIP skids
  • Turbo mixers
  • Control systems fully compliant with CFR21 Part 11, Article 11.

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