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A constantly expanding group

Why work at CSV Life Science Group?

Our companies work in very highly competitive markets that require constant investments in Research & Development. Products and process innovation is what makes us leaders in diverse fields.
The success of our companies is based on the difference our people make; enhancing their skills and encouraging their growth is therefore one of the pillars of our business strategy.

Being part of CSV Life Science Group means working in an international network of people who every day share their know-how for company growth and people’s well-being.

The expertise and human and professional skills of the people in our Group are the basis for an ever-growing company that is at the forefront of the industry and capable of constant innovation and an agile approach to change. For this reason, we work to create for our employees a dynamic, cohesive, and safe working environment where the opportunity for professional growth is assured.

Several pillars are leading our approach: training and skills development, to make our people more qualified and able to meet the company’s business challenges; the greatest respect for human rights and equal opportunities, which we are also committed to protecting through projects for the inclusion and enhancement of diversity. Finally, we foster the well-being of people, an indispensable factor for the success of our company.


CSV LIfe Science Group philosophy

CSV Life Science Group is made up of people: A team that continues to grow with shared values, goals, and methods.
Our group, as it grows, does not want to distort itself, lose its identity, unity, and team spirit that binds everyone together in a proactive approach to the problems and challenges of the markets. At the same time, it wants to remain capable of listening and sensitive to people’s needs.


A constantly developing group

Our people make a difference and allow us to execute successfully complex projects with a high level of excellence. Their formation and development are the backbone ensuring that our long-term goals are met.

We, therefore, choose to accompany all people working with us through special training courses so that they can acquire the skills they need to develop their potential and grow professionally.
We are truly passionate about developing our people skills.

Development programs tailored to each sector and level within our organization, as well as a learning-based environment, will give you an experience of unprecedented growth. Supportive leadership will encourage you to take full responsibility for your work and career development. In addition, the dynamic nature of our business and the opportunity for continuous improvement will continue to drive you to reach your full potential.

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